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Enclosed below, please find some of the educational initiatives, programs and directives that are sponsored by members of both Kappa Phi Lambda Chapter and the Alpha Foundation of Howard County (AFHC), which include, but are not limited to:

Alpha Achievers - Established in 1997, this nationally recognized program targets African-American males with a 3.0 grade point average or higher. The Alpha Achievers program seeks to promote charac-ter growth and academic excellence and is currently serving over 350 young men at six Howard County high schools. The annual Harambee Conference, which brings together for a full day, Alpha Achievers county-wide, is a key component of the program. Above are attendees at the 2009 Harambee Conference. The Alpha Achievers Program is now more than 12 schools in Howard County. For more information on the program, please visit

Ellington-Adderley African-American Community Jazz Ensemble was founded in 2001 provides a place for musicians of all ages, with a special focus on youth, to develop artistic, improvisational and intellec-tual skills. The ensemble performs at official and public events throughout Howard County and nearby areas. High school members’ music studies have been funded at Howard Community College, thereby earning them college credits while still in high school.

Education Success Grants is a recently established intervention grant program that provides monetary incentives for African-American males to complete Advanced Placement courses and exams and/or Ad-vanced Research Projects. This program was established because of identification of the problem of low participation of African American students in these areas. Two awards were made this year.

Project Alpha is an annual seminar committed to helping young men make responsible decisions about the complex issues surrounding sexuality. This program, in partnership with the March of Dimes, uses a series of workshops and activities to provide education on sexual responsibility, fatherhood, and the positive roles of males in relationships. The program will be expanded to three high schools in the com-ing year.

The Leadership Development Institute (LDI) is an annual three-day program of intense leadership training for high-school age young men at a designated college or university. This program stimulates young minds and helps attendees develop critical thinking and leadership skills through lectures, de-bates, mock elections and other stimulating activities. One 1992 alumnus, who later became an intern for Rep. Ben Cardin, reported having encountered other LDI alumni working on Capital Hill in the same ca-pacity. In addition, he encountered another in graduate school. As Woodrow Wilson Fellows, both had earned full scholar-ships to the University of Chicago. This year six Alpha Achievers participated in LDI.
Alpha Sankofa (Reclaim your history to realize your future) – Sankofa is a word in the Akan language of West Africa. Our program is designed to re-establish a connection between young African-American males and their historic and cultural roots in Ghana, West Africa. Two components of the program are: Du-Bois-Robeson International Scholars, which is a travel program to Ghana and the Dr. Henry Arthur Cal-lis memorial project which supports health and science education programs in Agogo, Ashanti Region of Ghana. Our goal is linkage with comparable education programs involving African Americans in the Howard County Public School System.
is a program of HCC focusing on students whose past academic performance is not necessarily an indicator of their potential success in college. The AFHC annually provides financial sup-port to this program.

Reward Programs

Scholarship and Recognition Awards for Students is a program designed to encourage academic achievement among Howard County African American high school students.

Silas Craft Collegians (at Howard Community College)

The AFHC and Kappa Phi Lambda Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. have awarded at least $10,000 annually; $350,000 since 1975 in scholarships and grants to high school graduates for outstanding performance in seven disciplines, and also has officially given recognition awards to over 300 teachers, administrators and parents for supporting excellence in education of Howard County students, and to the students for rising to the challenge of excellence.

First of All, Servants of All, We Shall Transcend All!

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